July 1st, 2021

International Baseball Partners (IBP) released a statement earlier today to announce it has submitted a proposal to revitalize the Johnny Vrutaal Stadium in the historic RIF area of the Curacao capital of Willemstad.  The new seated government of Curacao is entertaining projects that would spur economic growth for the island which has been adversely impacted by the Covid medical crisis.  IBP president, Mike Powers, gave a brief statement as to the role IBP may play in bringing value and commerce to the area.  “Curacao has long been identified as a strategic baseball hub by many involved in growing international baseball.  With a rich history of players representing Curacao in Major League Baseball (MLB) and the excellent infrastructure available to create economic value on the island, IBP has submitted a proposal to take the existing Johnny Vrutaal Stadium and update it as a complex to attract tourism and house world-class entertainment.”  

The IBP proposal includes a renovation plan to add minor league seating, corporate suites, locker rooms and major league specs to attract international tournaments and house professional and amateur leagues.  The complex also includes a hotel anchor, popular themed restaurant, condominiums, and a tourist grabbing museum.  Powers added, “We have a remarkable team at IBP that includes Thomas Dinenny, a world renown architect recognized for his design of Edgar Renteria Stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia.  We also have top Curacao business and baseball people on board with us as well.  We remain confident that our RIF complex proposal will be the most important economic driver Curacao could initiate. We look forward to partnering with the people of Curacao to birth more baseball dreams from the historic Johnny Vrutaal field.



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