International Baseball Partners released an architectural drawing of “Project 421 Curaçao” on Tuesday.

IBP’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Powers said the the preliminary drawing of the proposed complex “allows a visual component to the much anticipated project.”

Powers also noted the sketch captures the spirit of the island with eco-friendly dynamics.

“Our architectural team has done a great job in creating the first step of blending baseball with the natural beauty of Curaçao. In particular, the dorms are baseball diamond shaped structures that breathe with the island’s natural flow of air. It’s a great step forward for baseball and the island of Curaçao.”


Initial Architectural Drawings for Project 421 Curaçao

Project 421 Curacao drawings areal view

Project 421 area location layout.

Project 421 Curacao drawings digital view

Project 421 area location layout (digital/satellite view).

Project 421 Curacao drawings large

Project 421 area location in relation to the airport.


The project is scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2016 to coincide with the beginning of a new Curaçao Summer League play for international player development.

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