International Baseball Partners (IBP) issued a press release Thursday afternoon (2016-09-15) updating the company’s projects for the Island of Curaçao. According to IBP Managing Director, Michael Powers all projects are on hold until after the September 30th elections.

“We remain confident that Project 421 and other baseball initiatives will come to fruition for the wonderful people of Curaçao. IBP recognizes the process isn’t without bumps and requires patience, thus we continue to work diligently to establish an international baseball hub on the island. We hope to work with the people’s representatives in the new Curaçao parliament and to use baseball as an economic engine for all the people.”

Project 421 is an international baseball training facility for professional player development that consists of 4 academies in 2 complexes within 1 campus.

The project has received much attention in the baseball community since it was announced in 2015.

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